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Refresh Me, Lord: Prayer for Those with Illness

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Do you ever worry that your prayer life isn't as good as it could be? Do you find that when you need to pray the most is when you can't find the words and are just too tired?


The worries and fears that accompany chronic illness can make prayer feel overwhelming. We procrastinate praying because we are simply too exhausted. We wonder if He tires of hearing our desperate pleas.


In Lisa Copen's new book, she addresses this as well as the many questions we have about prayer. Do we keep praying for healing or just accept our illness? Does He really hear our prayers for help? Does He understand our need to complain?


Packed with over 120 prayers, you can use this book as a starting off place to invigorate your own conversations with God or make them your personal prayers as you recite them from your heart.


Discover what is means to pray the scriptures while clinging to God's promises. From the anxiety of medical procedures to the grief of letting go of a career, each prayer is tailored to the specific chaos and emotional ups and downs one with illness may experience.


Prepare to be refreshed through these prayers as you discover God's enduring faithfulness in renewing your spirit.


Prayers include topics on our emotions, pain and medical care, our loved ones, our hopes and dreams, and our worth.


  • I want to laugh again
  • Can I find real hope again?
  • I can't stop crying
  • You are bigger than circumstances
  • I am so angry!
  • I let it go, I sold it
  • I cannot be all things to all people
  • It is so hard to ask for help
  • I am getting worse, not better
  • I see the doctor in a few minutes
  • They think I am faking my illness
  • Why are You allowing this new burden?
  • My church doesn't miss me


Lisa Copen is the founder of Rest Ministries, which she began in 1996 after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1993. She is excited that this book may help those who deal with daily chronic pain dive into the word in a new way and find refreshment in unexpected ways.




What people are saying...

Honest conversations with God . . .


downloadyourown "Lisa opens her heart and shows us how to have an honest conversation with God. She enters God's presence raw and broken, pleading for help and for hope. She shows us how to struggle against strongholds and the reality of suffering using the power of God's Word to reorient our perspective and our purpose." -Leslie Vernick, licensed counselor, relationship coach, speaker, author of The Emotionally Destructive Marriage and The Emotionally Destructive Relationship


"I don't know anyone better qualified to write about the spiritual impact of chronic illness than fellow-sufferer Lisa Copen. If you're dealing with illness, these prayers will speak to you and for you. Thanks, Lisa." -Lawrence W. Wilson, pastor, avid cyclist, arthritis sufferer, author of Why Me? Straight Talk about Suffering


This book honors suffering . . .


"These prayers seek God's refreshment-the best remedy for chronic anything. This book honors each ounce of suffering by talking to God with honesty, while also bringing the reader closer to the heart of the Father. And really-knowing He understands is the most important of all." -Kathy Carlton Willis, speaker, pastor's wife, author of Grin with Grace


"Refresh Me, Lord is the perfect book for those who battle depression, anxiety, or pain from the trials and storms of life. Lisa's plea to God in her first chapter gets the reader on the right track to know how to talk to God, and know He will give them peace. The conversations with God through Refresh Me, Lord will give even the most downcast of this world hope. Lisa shows us how to have joy despite all the pain." -Doug Bolton, author of the nationally awarded and best-selling book, Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World, and contributing author to Love is a Verb


"Lisa Copen's Refresh Me, Lord is like soothing aloe vera on a hot sunburn-it brings comfort and healing. Her inspiring prayers and Scrip-ture verses give insight and inspiration to those who deal with pain, fear, and fatigue on a daily basis." -Jackie M. Johnson, author of Power Prayers for Women, Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times and other books


"If you're looking for a friend's voice to guide you along the path of prayer, you've found it! As you learn to pray the Scriptures with Lisa, you will ex-perience God like never before. -Arlene Pellicane, author of 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife


"Lisa Copen is a woman who has been through life's storms yet offers shelter to others going through their own downpour. If you are looking for true refreshment, rest, and renewal, these words move you from life's storms to that sweet majestic beauty, that first ray of sunshine after the rain." -Pam Farrel, author of 40 Books including 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make and best-selling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti


Prayers that David prayed . . .


"Refresh Me Lord reminds me of the kind of prayers that David prayed . . . prayers that are brutally honest . . . prayers that are real, raw, and devoid of pretense. This is a book that will make people feel validated, understood, and uplifted as they realize that they are not alone in their pain. It will give words to the hurts and situations that many don't know how to verbalize themselves. As people pray these prayers, they will find encouragement, comfort, release, peace, and refreshment for their souls while being drawn into a closer relationship with Jesus." -Debbie Kay, Founder of Hope For The Broken-Hearted Ministries


Draws people to God in every circumstance . . .


"Prayer is not easy when you don't feel well. Lisa Copen knows suffering and has a gift for drawing people into communication with God in every circumstance. Refresh Me, Lord is a helpful book for every person-we all need more joy and Lisa helps us find it." -David I. Levy, MD, Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, UCSD School of Medicine, author of Gray Matter: A Physician Discovers the Power of Prayer… One Patient at a Time


Mines the scriptures for hope . . .


"Refresh Me, Lord mines the scriptures to point people in the direction of the ultimate source of healing, Jesus Christ, the Suffering Servant. Lisa has sown her tears and has produced a harvest of hope" (Psalm 126:5,6). -Connie Kennemer, advocate for San Diego mental health after suicide death of her only son; co-founder, Community Alliance for Healthy Minds, songwriter, author


"Those of us 'in the trenches' know very well that, at times, we might feel fallow at best, or, perhaps, spiritually (and physically and emotionally) sapped. Lisa's experience and refined-in-fire spirit come forth loudly and clearly, and remind us that, in order to keep running the race of St. Paul, we all need refreshment." -Maureen Pratt, author, Peace in the Storm: Meditations on Chronic Pain and Illness and the blog "Good Days . . . Bad Days" at


This isn't those predictable prayers . . .


"If you have ever dealt with a chronic illness you know there are days when the only prayer you can utter is 'help'. Lisa Copen has clearly been down this path and knows a book of predictable prayers doesn't come close to fulfilling your needs. Instead she relies on the promises of scripture and offers insights into conversations you can have with God through the daily challenges and joys of life. Refresh Me, Lord is a heartfelt, inspirational book that will surely be on the nightstands of many who live with chronic pain." -Georgia Shaffer, Christian Life Coach, author, PA licensed Psychologist


"I believe that Lisa Copen's book will bring hope to anyone struggling with chronic illness or those who live with daily physical pain. Praying verses of Scripture will encourage the reader to go back again and again." -Carole Lewis, Director Emeritus, First Place 4 Health, author of Live Life, Right Here, Right Now


So transparent . . .


"I love Lisa's transparency as she comes before the Lord to pour out her fears, failures, fatigue, and then gratitude. Lisa has inspired us how to praise Jesus in spite of our pain by praying scriptures when we are at a loss physically, mentally, and emotionally." -BJ Jensen, RLS sufferer, Director of Love in Motion Signing Choir


When you can't find the words . . .


"We want to pray, we desperately need God's help, but we just can't find the words. It's at those times that the prayers in Refresh Me, Lord can help. Each prayer claims one or more of God's promises from Scripture, offering us encouragement and hope. Refresh Me, Lord will truly be a blessing for anyone with a chronic illness who longs for a closer relationship with God." -Karen Lee Richards, Co-founder, National Fibromyalgia Association, Fibromyalgia Editor at ProHealth, Chronic Pain Guide at HealthCentral


Helpless in God's hands . . .


"Refresh Me, Lord will do more than refresh your soul-it will create a desire within you to become helpless in God's hands while discovering how to pray like you've never prayed before in your life. Interwoven with Scripture, this powerful book can not only change your prayer life-it can change your life." -Jan Coates, speaker/author of Set Free and Attitude-inize


"Lisa captures the trials, hurts, and frustrations of dealing with an illness that doesn't go away. As she cries out to God to help her through it, the reader will cry out with her." -Edie Davis, MA, MFT


"Extremely honest, Lisa shapes the prayers that our own hearts might cry in moments of quiet desperation. We're all broken in one way or another, and we desperately need the touch of God. Her prayers will help the broken breathe again." -Dawn Wilson, founder of Heart Choices Ministries, President, San Diego Network of Evangelical Women In Ministry (NEWIM)


It will resonate!


"Every person with a chronic illness will resonate with the prayers, pleas, and praises Lisa Copen so eloquently pens in Refresh Me, Lord. Interlacing Scripture with personal heartfelt thoughts keeps the reader praying God's will for his or her life. Get ready to rest, refuel, and refresh with the Lord." -Janet Thompson, speaker and award-winning author of 17 books including Dear God, They Say It's Cancer, Dear God, Why Can't I Have a Baby?, and Woman to Woman Mentoring resources


"Lisa Copen has the unique ability to put down words on to paper that many people feel and are unable to communicate themselves. The prayers are raw and transparent with the ability to encourage the deepest corners of a heart. It reminded me that prayer is an open dialog with God and an honest conversation is exactly what He is seeking. If we are all able to see prayer as a way to take steps towards who He has called us to be, we might take it as seriously as this book encourages us to." -Naomi Kingery, The Diabetic Diva® and author of The Sugar Free Series


"As a person who lives with chronic pain, I appreciate someone who brings hope. Lisa Copen understands first-hand the downward spiral involving severe pain-physical impacts emotional impacts spiritual. We can be so depleted by the first two we may not realize the third, the most important. Lisa comes alongside with His words to encourage our days-and nights." -Lynda T. Young, author of the You Are Not Alone book series includes, Hope for families of Children with Cancer, and Hope for Families of Children on the Autistic Spectrum


"If you're seeking a place of calm to connect with God through the chaos illness causes in life, these prayers will help you break through!" -Renee Fisher, author, dream coach, media consultant, speaker


Writes like a Psalmist . . .


"Lisa Copen demonstrates once again her ability to take the everyday moments of dealing with chronic and sometimes invisible illnesses and/or disability and turning them into reflections and prayers. While referring to the Psalmists frequently, she writes like a Psalmist, being willing to take everything-- pain, despair, hurtful attitudes, loneliness, and moments of grace-into an act of prayer and meditation. In doing so, she proclaims once again that God's spirit is present wherever your journey takes you, even if it feels otherwise." -Bill Gaventa, M.Div., consultant, trainer, coordinator of The Summer Institute on Theology and Disability, adjunct professor at the Center for Disability Studies, University of Texas, Austin


This is the way it is. Lisa knows.


"Refresh Me, Lord reminds me of John Newton's title, Cardiaphonia -sounds of the heart. Actually, songs of the heart. You will enjoy the faith, honesty, humility, hope, and resilience that form an exquisite invisible border for every page. But if you struggle with the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual pain of chronic illness your own heart will resonate with the darker themes as well-sadness in search of joy, loneliness longing for love, anxiety pining for peace; fear and trust side by side; discouragement and hope; anger and acceptance; frustration and faithfulness, and other seemingly mutually exclusive themes that we who are chronically ill constantly wrestle with as well. This is the way it is. Lisa knows. And this is a book that can reconnect you with the only One who can refresh your weary soul." -David B. Biebel, D.Min., author, publisher, Healthy Life Press


Prayer is the story of our life . . .


"Lisa's book is refreshing! It is a source of joy and comfort and just what a long-term survivor of an injury or illness needs-written by a person who lives it. Lisa is absolutely correct when she says, 'Our prayer life is the story of our life.' Lisa touches on all of the most important-and little known or acknowledged-feelings that accompany a long term illness or injury. She gives reflection and prayer in such a concise format that her book will be great to refer to on a daily basis to bring hope to that day." -Julie Papievis, author of Go Back and Be Happy


"What we don't need when we're weary and worn is another self-help tome. Instead, Lisa gives us what we do need-rejuvenating guarantees from the mouth of our Creator. She shows us that we'll find new-again strength in speaking these promises back to God in conversational prayer-and then in remaining silent as He impresses their truth onto our hearts. Lisa's gritty honesty has been refreshing to me in countless ways over the years. This new book is yet another uplift to my soul." -Julie-Allyson Ieron, Bible teacher, conference speaker, author of 36 books, in-cluding Comforting Words for Caregivers, The GOD Interviews, and The Over-whelmed Woman's Guide to Caring for Aging Parents


Captures the struggles . . .


"Lisa captures the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual struggles faced daily by those of us who live with pain. Her book is itself refreshing and readers will appreciate Lisa's biblically-based prayers that touch the heart, heal the spirit, and bring an all-around refreshing perspective to this entity we call 'pain.'" -Michele Howe, author of 14 books for women including Faith, Friends, and Other Flotation Devices


"So many times I have wanted to speak to God about my suffering but never knew the right words to say. Lisa has written beautiful prayers from her heart that will bring comfort, safety and God's loving embrace into your life. Her touching words will radiate through your soul, illuminating your heart full of God's promises and everlasting love, making you want to jump for joy in the midst of suffering!" -Kelly Fricke, illness advocate


Paperback: 178 pages

Publisher: Rest Publishers (December, 2014)

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