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Mug - Bad Flare Day

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We've all had those days when you roll out of bed and something just isn't working right. A lot of times, those of us who live with illness call this a "flare" of some type. Your stomach may be flaring, your joints, your head, or even your temper.


"Coffee!" we think. Or maybe tea. Some of you even drink hot water with lemon.


This mug has two purposes. Grab it on the days you aren't feeling well and your family will know it's a tough one. This mug would even work well to teach young children in your house that mommy (or daddy) is having a hard day. No playing "horsie" right now and climbing on you.


If you are right-handed, this will be the side those around you will see.


But the other side? It's a nice reminder that yes, you may have an illness and be battling it today, but that is not ALL of who you are. You are SO MUCH MORE!


Here is a larger photo of what the mug looks like.

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