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Life's a Pain

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Life's a Pain! But God has treasures to impart through it. As a pastor who suffers from chronic pain himself, Todd Rettberg knows what it can do to people and families.


With straight talk, humor and compassion, he shows Christians how to find God in the midst of suffering.


"If you have dealt with chronic illness or chronic pain on this side of heaven, you understand that it is a true test of endurance. Pastor Todd Rettberg's book, 'Life's a Pain' is restorative for the soul that longs for even just a moment of being pain-free...


As one who has had disabling migraines since childhood, Rettburg's perspective is uniquely personal. He understands what pastors are taught when it comes to reaching out to one who is is suffering, and yet, as one who has walks this journey himself, he knows how the daily-ness of pain that impacts your life--as well as your family's.


It can leave even the most faithful disciple disheartened, and he addresses this with both compassion and clarity. I highly recommend this book to those who are living with chronic illness. Not only will Rettberg's words resonate with the many emotions you have, it will give you hope that many pastors are walking this journey of invisible illness beside you.


You are not alone. God never leaves our side and He also blesses us with apostles such as Rettburg along the way." - Review by Lisa Copen


Paperback: 142 pages

Publisher: CrossLink Publishing (December 12, 2012)

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