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Emergency Prayers

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If you have ever had to dial 911 before, you know what an emergency feels like. You need help and need it quickly. "Emergency Prayers" is written to be your spiritual lifeline. When you don'tknow what to pray in a crisis, let these prayers guide you.



Filled with Scripture, each prayer addresses specific needs, from temptation to spend unwisely, wanting to have a child, needing >deliverance from addiction to facing Deborah Smith Pegues, a behavioral consultant and the author of



  • help on the homefront
  • financial discipline and direction
  • resistance of temptations
  • guidance in important decisions
  • comfort in the midst of pain



This conveniently sized emergency guide can remain close at hand and heart as it leads readers to God's presence for every need.


Authors: Deborah Peques
Harvest House Publishers, 144 pages, paperback

Size: 4 1/4 x 7

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