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Beyond Casseroles - JOY Coupons - Pack of 15

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It is so hard to ask for help, even if you really need it, isn't it? But those who live with chronic illness sometimes need a friend to just do some of the little things that we can't do. It may be wrapping a few gifts, replacing a light bulb, carrying laundry to the machine, or scrubbng the tub.


But seriously, when is the last time you asked someone to scrub the tub? Likely. . . . NEVER.


These JOY Coupons -- that resemble a colorful gift certificate -- stand for *Just Offering You* and they are perfect to give to someone who you want to reach out to with practical help, whether it be an errand, a meal, or pulling out those dust bunnies under the bed so you can stop sneezing.


These are great to hand out to people at your church or women's organizations. And tell the women to pass one along to her husband or son who would be willing to mow the lawn or shovel some snow for a neighbor. By dropping off the gift certificate, you are providing her with a "gift" not just saying, "Call me if you need anything." And it includes a space for you to write your phone number, good times to reach you, and more, so the person doesn't feel like they are bothering you.


What if YOU are the chronically ill one who needs the help? It's okay to ask! When the pastor calls and says, "Let us know how the church can help you," tell him, "You know, it's so hard for me to ask for help, but I have some little gift certificate people could fill out to let me know what they are comfortable doing and when it's a good time for them."


I know. . . it feels awkward. But you may be surprised just how relieved he is to have some specifics. And you may want to even give him a copy of the book Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend. Pretty soon the whole congregation may be referring to it.



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Write down what you can do to help and when you are available.


This cheerful way of telling a friend you are committed to helping out is a wonderful way to make sure they know you really mean it when you say, 'Call me if you need anything' and they also help someone who has a need feel a little bit less guilty about asking for help.


Comes in a pack of 15.


See ways to use these below and send us your own ideas!


Ways to use these fun JOY Coupons


  • Pass them out to church members to encourage them to reach out to others. Have them always available on a church resource table.
  • Have a stack on each table at women's ministry's luncheons, MOPS groups, retreats, etc. 
  • Make them avaiable for Stephen Ministers or parish nurses. They can use them when they go to visit someone who is ill, and/or leave a few for the friends and family of the loved ones they are visiting.
  • Give them to HopeKeepers Helpers. When your HopeKeepers group has a display table at church, pass them out to people who say, "I'd love to help, but I don't know how."
  • Church elders will love the ability to provide specific ways they can help and when they are available.
  • Give them to your church youth group so they can volunteer to help out othes when needed. Have the youth leader talk to them about the joy in helping others, which is sometimes as simple as a conversation.


This product is part of the Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend line of products.


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