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When Chronic Illness Enters Your Life - Bible Study

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About this book: When chronic illness enters your life you may encounter some of those big questions about "Why would God cause good people to suffer?" but more importantly, you may be wondering, "Where do I go from here?"

This is a 5-lesson Bible study on the topic of chronic illness written for the use of individual or groups. This is the book that most HopeKeepers® groups begin with. The lessons are the perfect size to have the group do at home and then discuss the next week. We recommend even using one lesson for 2 meetings, since discussion is so important and you may not get through the entire lesson.

Chronic illness is difficult. There is no question that whether you have a deep relationship with God or are just beginning to search for answers from Him, chronic illness can send you reeling into asking "Where is God when it hurts?" and "Why do I have this illness?"

Are you wondering, why God allows good people to suffer? Or why God causes pain?" You aren't alone.

This Bible study is equipped to apply those big questions to the day-to-day emotions that you may be experiencing while you learn to live with this "new normal" of daily chronic pain, loneliness, wondering what happened to all of your friends, and just learning to cope with exhaustion and fatigue.

Through Scripture, personal inventory of some of your emotions, and study questions, you will soon have a better grasp on how you can move forward with a new outlook on your disease.

Chapters include:


  1. Where is God When it Hurts?  -  Dive into the emotions of coping with chronic illness. How does one cope with the loneliness and isolation of illness? How can one feel God's presence more intimately during times of suffering?
  2. Lord, I Don’t Understand - We all wonder why God has allowed illness to be a part  of our lives. Is it forever or temporary? What lesson should we learn from it? How can we grow closer to God despite the fact that He may not provide all the answers we may ask Him, especially when we want them?
  3. The Exhaustion is Taking Over - When these feeling of exhaustion occur, we feel frustrated, unproductive and useless. Can God really use us when we can barely get out of bed and if so, how?
  4. I Am So Scared About the Future - You may hear, "The Bible tells us to never worry about anything," or "'Real' Christians always trust the Lord knows best so you need to pray harder." But when your health is falling apart around you, how do you trust God? Discover what your true fears are and how exactly to turn them over to God.
  5. My Friends Just Don’t Understand - "You look so good!" Surely you've heard this on more than one occasion and you may not know if you should take is as a compliment or as someone misunderstanding the seriousness of your chronic illness. How do you get passed friends who just don't seem to get how much your life has changed since becoming ill.

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I received your book, When Chronic Illness Enters Your Life, and can't begin to tell you what a difference it has made in my life. My fiancé was having a difficult time coming to grips with what it would mean to live with someone with a chronic illness and working through this book together is helping us both understand what the other deals with. Thank you so much. ~ Tami
We just finished your Bible Study, When Chronic Illness Enters Your Life. It was so good. I wondered how I would ever lead a group, as I had never done it before. It is perfect for looking at God's Word through the lens of the journey that we are on. It has brought the whole group very close, and allowed us to safely explore our feelings and our hope in Christ. We are stronger and closer because of this bible study. We really took our time, and sometimes only covered a part of a page, but it was enough of a springboard to get us talking, sharing and praying! Thanks so much, Lisa!

I know you never would have asked for this painful road- but you are His hands and feet! God Bless you and your Team! Your Sister in Christ, Ellen B., HopeKeepers Leader

Lisa donates 100% of the profits to Rest Ministries.

Author: Lisa Copen, founder of Rest Ministries Inc and author of various books on chronic illness including Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend.

Rest Ministries Publishers, paperback, 48 pages
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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